Effects of Aeolian Transport on the Ponce DeLeon Inlet Sediment Budget

Space and Time Scales of Shoreline Change at Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Long-Term Trends and Short-Term Variability in Shoreline Change Rates: Southeastern Virginia

The Holocene Coastal Evolution of Eastern England: Evidence from the Offshore Southern North Sea

Storm-Related Change of the Northern San Mateo County Coast, California

Probabilistic Analysis of Fort Pierce Beach Recession with Hardbottom Features

Modeling Cross-Shore Sediment Transport at Different Scales Using Equilibrium Beach Profile Theory

Inlet Induced Shoreline Changes, High Energy Flank of the Cape Fear Foreland, Southeastern North Carolina

Inlet Division and Coastal Instability Following Tidal Prism Diversion

Vulnerability: Evaluating the Consequences of Coastal Changes: An Application to Deltaic Coasts

Infilling Processes, Nature of Littoral Barriers and Stability of Inlets in Spanish Natural Harbours

Long Island's South Shore Beaches: A Century of Dynamic Sediment Management

Periodic Shoreline Morphology: Fire Island, New York

Great Earthquakes, Abundant Sand, and High Wave Energy in the Columbia Cell, U.S.A.

Scales of Variability along the Columbia River Littoral Cell

Modelling of Barrier-Spit System Evolution at Decadal Scale

Erosion Control at the Entrance to Willapa Bay, Washington

Project Performance Analysis and Monitoring for the Coney Island, New York, Storm Damage Reduction Project

Beach Nourishment Practice at Mesotidal Coast

Coastal Response to a Detached Breakwater System: Presque Isle, Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.





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