Nearshore Breaking Waves: A Numerical Model

King Harbor Mole Repair Redondo Beach, California

Analysis of Sand Movement on Noto Coast by Geochemical Method
The analysis of sand samples by X - ray fluorescent spectroscopy (abbreviated by XRF) gives the ratio of the geochemical elements to construct the sand samples. This shows the geochemical...

Keeping Up With Computers
As computer hardware and software continue to grow in power and complexity, with new advances announced every day, many engineers wonder how to keep up with the rapid pace of change. When...

3-Dimensional Processes Along Sandy Beaches - Dimensions of a Coastal Facility

Field and Prototype Measurements for Numerical Coastal Modelling

Simulation of Wave and Beach Profile Change in SUPERTANK Seawall Tests

Magnetic Tracing of Beach Sand: Preliminary Results

The Continental Shelf: A Source for Naturally-Delivered Beach Sand

Application of a Parametric Long Term Model Concept to the Delray Beach Nourishment Program

The Nourtec Experiment of Terschelling: Process-Oriented Monitoring of a Shoreface Nourishment (1993-1996)

The Influence of Boundary Conditions on Beach Zonation

Equilibrium Beach Profiles on the Catalan Coast

Modelling Large-Scale Coast Evolution

The Delta Flume'93 Experiment

Calibration and Validation of a Cross-Shore Transport Model

Sediment Transport Under Wave-Current Interaction on Macro-Tidal Beaches

Velocity Moments on a Macro-Tidal Intermediate Beach

Physical Modelling of the Response of Shingle Beaches in the Presence of Control Structures

Performance Evaluation of Offshore Breakwaters a Field and Computational Study





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