History of Coastal Engineering in Denmark

History of Coastal Engineering in Portugal

Let the Buyer (and Seller) Beware
A merger or acquisition shouldn't be a gamble, but many firms depend too much on good luck and good will. For long-term success, the best bet is a checklist for professional...

For Sure Shores
Fighting a long history of beach-destroying structures and man-made inlets, coastal engineers are finding that the answer to beach erosion lies in a deeper understanding of its dynamic...

Correcting Downdrift Beach Erosion with Existing Technology and Programs

Case Studies of Multi-Objective Management in New England

Application of Turbulence Theory to a Laboratory Surf Zone

Morphological Study of Mediterranean Shore

Analysis of Prototype Long Period Waves for Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Resonance Studies
Long period wave data have been collected at an offshore wave gage and system harbor gages for over eight years in the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor region. These expansion of the harbors....

The Daytona Beach Large Wave Event of 3 July 1992
The fundamental mechanisms behind the anomalous large wave which struck Daytona Beach on 3 July 1992 are addressed. Although the wave was originally believed to have resulted from a submarine...

Measurement and Analysis of Wave Data in Los Angeles—Long Beach Harbors

Experimental Study of Monochromatic Wave-Ebb Current Interaction
Laboratory experiments were conducted in a 26-m by 36-m basin with a 1:30 plan beach to study the interaction of monochromatic waves and an ebb current in and near shallow entrance channel....

Numerical Model of the Longshore Current on a Barred Beach

Wave Setup Near a Seawall: Experiments and a Numerical Model

Nearshore Breaking Waves: A Numerical Model

King Harbor Mole Repair Redondo Beach, California

Analysis of Sand Movement on Noto Coast by Geochemical Method
The analysis of sand samples by X - ray fluorescent spectroscopy (abbreviated by XRF) gives the ratio of the geochemical elements to construct the sand samples. This shows the geochemical...

Keeping Up With Computers
As computer hardware and software continue to grow in power and complexity, with new advances announced every day, many engineers wonder how to keep up with the rapid pace of change. When...

3-Dimensional Processes Along Sandy Beaches - Dimensions of a Coastal Facility

Field and Prototype Measurements for Numerical Coastal Modelling





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