Employment of Electronic Sand Level Gauges for Measurement of Beach Slope Deformation on Norderney Island

Reproducibility of Beach Profiles and Sand Ripples Generated by Huge Waves

Studies on Wave, Current and Suspended Sediment Characteristics at the Surf Zone

Settling and Erosion Characteristics of Mud/Sand Mixtures

Design of a Laboratory Facility for Longshore Sediment Transport Research

A One-Dimensional Cross-Shore Transport Model

Field Validation and Application of a Coastal Profile Model

An Energetics Approach to Sand Transport on Beaches

Simulation of Dune and Nourished Berm Erosion During Storm Surges

Dynamics of Sand Bars in Coastal Zones

Dynamic Processes on a Ridge and Runnel Beach

A Morphology Model to Predict Erosion Near a Seawall

Coastal Evolution Downdrift of St. Joseph Harbor on Lake Michigan

Mathematical Modelling of Coastal Morphodynamics Near a Tidal Inlet System

Signatures of Coastal Change at Mesoscales

Remote Sensing of the Polish Coasts Morphology

South Carolina Coastal Erosion Study: Inlet Morphodynamics and Sediment Transport

Storm Surge Frequency Computations for Long Island, NY: A Comparison of Methodologies

Hydraulic and Sediment Models for Design of Restoration of Former Tidal Marshland

The South Bay Ocean Outfall
For more than 60 years, raw sewage has flowed down the hills of Tijuana, Mexico into the Tijuana River, crossing the U.S.-Mexican border. The sewage contaminates the low-lying river valley...





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