Governing a River of Sand—Developing Policies, Plans and Programs to Manage the San Diego Region's Beaches

Development of a Shoreline Preservation Strategy

Restoring the State's Eroding Beaches, an Innovative Case Study—Sand Replenishiment From a Railroad Grade Seperation in the City of Solana Beach

Governing a Community at the Edge of the Ocean

Carlsbad Opportunistic Beach Fill Program

Beach Restoration as a National Policy

City and County of San Francisco Combined Sewer System: Reduction of Overflows and High Bacteria Counts

Breaking the Impasse on Coastal Protection

The State of Our Coasts

Conceptual Planning and Analysis of the Proposed Naval Station Container Terminal Port of Long Beach

Development of the Proposed Pier T Container Terminal at the Port of Long Beach, California

Planning, Design and Construction of the Pier B Railyard for the Port of Long Beach

Long Beach Port Improvements: $2 Billion Challenge

Analysis and Design of a Container Terminal Wharf at the Port of Long Beach

Geotechnical Considerations for the Batiquitos Lagoon Enhancement Project

Turbulent Wave Boundary Layers in the Surf- and Swash Zone—Analysis of Small Scale Field Measurements

Towngas Lantau Link Beach Approach Hong Kong & China Gas Co. Ltd.

Ground Improvement at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific - A Case Study

Edge Wave Excitation by Random Sea Waves

Non-Linear Methods for Analysis of Long-Term Beach and Nearshore Morphology





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