Years of Planning for the South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project: Now It’s Time to Build! Rapidly but Gently!
When a complicated project is completed, and you ask the engineers, "What was the most challenging part of this project?" a couple of difficulties usually come to mind. We’ve all heard war stories from...

Filling The Bay: Deepening the Oakland Inner and Outer Harbors
The project to deepen the Oakland Inner and Outer Harbors from elevation -42 to -50 ft was federally authorized in 1999 to accommodate the next generation of post-Panamax container ships....

Geotechnical Effects from the October 15, 2006 Kiholo Bay and Hawi, Hawaii Earthquakes

Developing a Dredging Regime for San Francisco Bay

Sediment Calibration Strategies of Phase 5 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model

Monitored Natural Recovery and Dredging Decision Analysis at Bellingham Bay, Washington
The Whatcom Waterway Site, located within inner Bellingham Bay, Washington consists of intertidal and subtidal aquatic lands within and adjacent to the Whatcom Waterway in Bellingham,...

Saving the Bay
By reducing the level of nutrients in their discharges, wastewater treatment plants within the Chesapeak Bay's vast watershed are putting much less environmental pressure...

Modeling the Impacts of Dredged Material Placement in Upper Chesapeake Bay

A Large Domain Convection Diffusion Based Finite Element Transport Model

Application of VIMS HEM-3D to a Macro-Tidal Environment

Topographic and Wind Influences on the Chesapeake Bay Outflow Plume and the Associated Fronts

Typical and Extreme Responses of Chesapeake Bay and Its Coastal Plume to Riverine Forcing

Development of a Long-Term Predictive Model of Water Quality in Tokyo Bay

Numerical Modeling and Field Experiments of Wind-Induced Currents in Enclosed Bay

The Tampa Bay Nowcast–Forecast System

Navigation Study for Matagorda Bay, Texas

Hydrodynamic Modeling of a Sea-Breeze Dominated Shallow Embayment, Baffin Bay, Texas

Application of Quantitative Model: Data Calibration Measures to Assess Model Performance

Demonstration of a Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

Development of the High-Resolution, Data-Assimilating Numerical Model of the Monterey Bay





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