Assessment of the Nearshore Zone at St. Marys Inlet, Florida
St. Marys Inlet connects Cumberland Sound from the Atlantic Ocean and actually forms the coastline border between Georgia and Florida. Drumstick shaped barriers are located to the north...

Model Comparisons of Harbor Wave Response
Physical and numerical model tests were conducted for an idealized, flat-bottom rectangular harbor, entrance channel, and nearshore bathymetry. Bathymetry of the entrance channel and offshore...

Nantucket Island's Shifting Shoals and Moving Shores: Near-shore Bathymetry Controls Beach Deposition and Erosion
Historical records and our observations show that the near-shore shoal complex of Pochick Rip and Old Man Shoal has slowly but continuously built to the north along Nantucket Island's...

Mean Currents and Sediment Transport at DELILAH
Bailard's sediment transport model (1981) is used as a framework to test the hypothesis that mean currents can dominate nearshore sediment transport. The data acquired during...

Complex Principal Component Analysis of Wave-Like Sand Motions
Complex Principal Component Analysis is applied to bathymetric data from the SUPERDUCK experiment at Duck, NC. This approach is shown to describe more of the variation with fewer functions...

Murrells Inlet: Where to From Here

High-Precision Study of Florida Shoreline Changes

Measurements of Sedimentary Processes from a Fast Moving Air Cushion Platform in Combination with Remote Sensing Techniques

Optimal Interpolation of Bathymetry in the Thyrrehnian Sea
The bathymetry of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the area facing the electro-nuclear plant being built at Montalto di Castro, Italy, is reconstructed with the aid of the constrained kriging making...

The Redington Shores Breakwater Project: Initial Response

Dissipative Transient Waves on a Sloped Bathymetry

Wave Refraction Using Exact Solutions

Effects of CERC Research Pier on Nearshore Processes

Hydromechanics of Tidal Jets
A unified theoretical investigation of the fully-developed region of a tidal jet is presented. The jet is treated as a vertically-averaged flow and the effects of lateral mixing, bottom...

Computation of Bed Load Using Bathymetric Data
A method of calculating bed-load transport is presented. This method takes advantage of the rapid bathymetric surveys that can be made in large rivers. The proposed equation is based on...

Wave Tank Use In Small Boat Harbor Design, Newport News, Virginia


Ice Gouge Characteristics in the Alaskan Chukchi Sea

Submarine Investigation: Deep-Water Cable Crossing

Coastal Zone Mapping: A Topographic/Bathymetric and Bathymetric Approach





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