Numerical Simulation of Internal Kelvin Waves with Z-level and Sigma Level Models

An Evaluation of Tidal Predictions in the Yellow and East China Seas

Two- and Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Salton Sea, California
The Salton Sea, the largest surface water body in California, faces a myriad of problems related to rapidly changing water levels, rising salinity, accelerated eutrophication, fish kills,...

Co-evolution of Harbor Maintenance Dredging, Environmental Regulations, and Open-water Disposal Site Management: A Twenty-Year Perspective

Wave Monitoring in The Southern California Bight
An overview of recent research by the Coastal Information Program (CDIP), aimed at effectively monitoring wave conditions in the Southern California Bight, is presented. The topographic...

The Numerical Simulation of Wetting and drying Areas using Riemann Solvers

Bridge Scour During the 1993 Floods in the Upper Mississippi River Basin

Empirical Guidance for Siting Berms to Promote Stability or Nourishment Benefits

OTF Kinematic GPS Positioning for Vertical Reference Datum

Disposal Site Capping Management: New Haven Harbor

Dredged Material Accumulation at a Dispersive Disposal Site

Investigation of the Offshore Bathymetry and Sedimentology of Folly Island, SC: Determination of Potential Offshore Sand Reseves for Beach Renourishment
The authors report on a beach renourishment project started in January 1993 in an attempt to reestablish a high tide beach along most of Folly Island. The objectives of this study were:...

The Morphology of the Anglian Coast
The morphology of the Anglian coast consists of three Integrated Scale Coastal Evolution (ISCE) units. A bay, marked by the 10m bathymetric contour, extends from Flamborough in the north...

Fisheries in the Southern North Sea
Because of its hydrographic and bathymetric characteristics, the southern North Sea supports one of the most productive fisheries in the world. In this chapter, these fisheries are reviewed...

Coastal and Sand Spit Evolution from 1958 to 1992: Saloum River Mouth (Senegal, West Africa)
From the bathymetric map made in 1958 with the Marine Hydrographical Service in France (Number 6147), the 1976 Landsat imagery, the 1981 SPOT simulations, the 1991 SPOT data and the field...

Instrumentation for Detailed Bridge-Scour Measurements
A portable instrumentation system is being developed to obtain channel bathymetry during floods for detailed bridge-scour measurements. Portable scour measuring systems have four components:...

Horizontal Gradients in Sigma Transformed Bathymetries with Steep Bottom Slopes
Simulation of free surface flow and transport in areas such as seas, estuaries and river is often based upon three-dimensional modelling systems. Common characteristics of these modelling...

South Jetty Scour Hole Stabilization, Ocean City, Maryland
Formation of a scour hole along the inlet side of the South Jetty at Ocean City occurred after jetty construction as a result of ebb tidal flow in the inlet. Analysis of historical bathymetry...

Oceanographic Influences on Oil Spill Movement in the Arabian Gulf

Modeling the Salinity History of Great Egg Harbor Bay, New Jersey





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