Depth Measurement Using Remotely Sensed Data, Specifically A casi
The compact airborne spectrographic imager (casi) is what is referred to as an imaging spectrometer. This is an optical device that is mounted on an aircraft and used to collect high resolution...

MORWIN: Collaborative Modeling of Coastal Morphodynamics

Observing Changes in an Ebb-Tidal Shoal

Regional Sediment Transport Patterns Adjacent to Canaveral Harbor, Florida

Inlet Division and Coastal Instability Following Tidal Prism Diversion

Flood Shoal Response to Inlet Modifications at Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey

Bathymetric Change Off the Washington–Oregon Coast

The Columbia River Littoral Cell: A Sediment Budget Overview

Scales of Variability along the Columbia River Littoral Cell

Synthesizing Geological Observations and Processes–Response Data for Modeling Coastal Change at Management Scale

Marine Protected Areas and Biological Distributional Data: Large and Small Scale Perspectives

Development and Study of Green's Function for Water Waves Over Variable Bathymetry Domains

Turbulent Wave Boundary Layers in the Surf- and Swash Zone—Analysis of Small Scale Field Measurements

Quantitative Estimations of Bar Dynamics from Video Images

Cyclic Bar Behavior Viewed by Video Imagery

Variations of Breaking Wave Statistics Across the Nearshore Zone

Tide Induced Mass-Flux in Shallow Estuaries

Combined Refraction-Diffraction - Wave-Current Interaction Over a Complex Nearshore Bathymetry

Longshore Currents Over Barred Beaches

Beach Profile Evolution Under Mean Conditions





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