Analytical Studies for Seismic Isolation in Highway Bridges

Designing Base-Isolated Structures for Near-Field Effects

Aesthetics in the Constructed Environment
This proceedings, Aesthetics in the Constructed Environment, contains papers presented at the 24th Annual Conference of ASCE's...

An Expert System for Prestressed Concrete Bridge Design

Estimation of Unsaturated Soil Properties Using a Knowledge-Based System

A Flexible Decision Support System for Performance Evaluation and Strategic Planning for Australian Construction Contractors

Multimedia KBES: What, How, and Hopes

A Knowledge Model for Bridge Condition Assessment and Treatment Identification

Knowledge-Based Advisory System for Predictive Control of Irrigation Management Strategies

Engine 2000: Researches into the Next Generation of Computational Hydraulic Modelling

A Global System of Acquisition and Dissemination of Lessons Learned

Innovative Treatment of Contaminated Soils-QA/QC Procedures

Recreation Management on the Lewis River: Problems and Solutions in the Pacific NW

The Use of Tabular Knowledge Base in Construction Decision-Making

Performance of Base-Isolated Structures in Recent Earthquakes and Future Directions - A Panel Discussion

Application of Seismic Isolation for Strong Near-Field Ground Motions

Planning for Recreation at Wolford Mountain Reservoir

An Introduction to Performance-Based Fire Safety Analysis and Design with Applications to Structural Fire Safety

Pulse Response of Reduced-Scale Strengthened Elastomer (SE) Isolators

Seismic Isolation of Bridges Using Elastomeric Isolation Systems





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