Evaluation Findings for Scougal Rubber Corporation High Damping Rubber Bearings
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a CERF Service Center. This report summarizes the results of a detailed evaluation...

A Knowledge-Based System For International Hurricane Risk Management

Damaging Earthquakes: A Scientific Laboratory

An Expert System for Wind-Resistant Residential Construction

Integration of Knowledge-Based Systems and GIS for Subsurface Characterization

CUFAD+: Foundation Design with Knowledge-Based Input Data Advisors

ICADS: An Integrated Knowledge-Based CAD System

Introduction: Knowledge-Based Systems and Models for Integration

Expert Systems for Civil Engineers
Integration Issues
This monograph on integrated computer systems is one in a series of monographs published by the Expert Systems on Artificial Intelligence Committee of the ASCE Technical Council on Computer...

Property Rights Issues Raised by Recreational and Residential Uses Near Water Resource Projects

Performance-Based Design Methods for Fire Resistance

Analysis of Base-Isolated Structures Utilizing Near-Source Strong Ground Motions

Performance of Seismically Isolated Structures in the 1994 Northridge and 1995 Kobe Earthquakes

Ongoing Studies of the Foothill Communities Law and Justice Center

Stability of Elastomeric Seismic Isolation Bearings in Buildings

Test Methods for Evaluation and Qualification of Seismic Isolation Systems

Experimental Study of Ball-in-Cone Isolation System

Guidelines for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings: Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation Applications with Existing Buildings

Tension Glass Wall Systems

FHWA/Caltrans/HITEC Program for Performance Testing of Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation System





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