Intelligent Retrieval System for Conditions of Contract Documents in Construction

Linking Design Data with Knowledge-Based Construction Systems

Weather Advisor System for Construction Duration Estimation: Potential of Integrating KBS's and CD-ROM Databases

A Lisp Based Expert System Tool

The Design/Build Advisor System: Integration of Databases with a Knowledge-Based System

Knowledge Based-Object Oriented Primitive Work Item Generation

Framework of a Knowledge-Based Estimate Classification System

Learning Rules for Driving Scenarios for an Urban Rail Corridor with Closely Spaced Stations

Knowledge-Based Simulation of Construction Plans

Formulation of a Knowledge-Base for Building Design Simulation

Prototype Lunar Base Construction Using Indigenous Materials
A lunar base must be designed to withstand harsh lunar conditions, which include severe internal pressure loads and a high radiation level. Yet to provide for economical and rapid future...

Construction of a Far-Term (2020+AD) Lunar Base
Several case studies have been performed which provide interesting insights into the design and operation of a lunar base. Yet few of these studies have addressed the specific steps which...

On the Beneficiation and Comminution of Lunar Regolith
A major concern in the area of planning for future lunar missions and for establishing a lunar base is the selection of a chemical process for liberation of oxygen from lunar regolith...

Space-Based Assembly Sequence Formulation for Evaluation of Large Orbital Assemblies
The challenges associated with constructing interplanetary spacecraft and space platforms in low earth orbit are such that it is imperative that comprehensive, preliminary process planning...

Fuzzy Measures in the Knowledge Based Diagnosis of Seismic Vulnerability of Masonry Buildings
Rules based expert systems and fuzzy logic have been employed to increase the speed and the reliability of the survey of masonry buildings, to forecast their seismic vulnerability....

Vibration Control of Highway Bridge Under Earthquakes
Seismic base isolation for highway bridges may increase relative displacement, while reducing the acceleration and base force. Elastomeric bearings with lead plug for base isolation may...

Exact Nonstationary Response of a Sliding Rigid Structure to a Modulated White Noise Base Excitation
The seismic design of embankment dams, earth retaining walls and base isolation systems have emphasized the dynamic analysis of a rigid block sliding on a moving base. In an early study...

7-Day 10-Yr Low Flow Relationships for Ungauged Sites in Central Italy
The principal objective of the present study was to establish relationships between some easily measurable basin characteristics and seven-day ten-year Low Flow Index, Q7,10....

Planning and Design Guidelines for Small Craft Harbors

Interfacing with the Public on Water-Related Issues—What TVA is Doing
Management of the water resources of the Tennessee River Basin has been a primary responsibility of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) since its creation almost 60 years ago. In the...





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