A Predictive Model of Sewage Pumpout Station Use Among Chesapeake Bay Boaters

Concept for a Mixed Use Recreational Harbor on Lake Superior

Differentiating the Experience of Boater Publics

P3 for Marinas, Parks & Recreation

Fisharina Policies in Japan

The Value of Illusion vs. the Illusion of Value - The Full Range of Recreational Amenities that are Needed for the Marina of Today and Tomorrow

Marine Recreation Project of the City of Yokohama - Marine Park and Hakkei Island -

Simulation Modeling Drystack Marina Facilities

Conceptualization of Boat Access Development Zones

Sedimentation and Remediation Aspects of Recreation Lakes
Relatively higher rates of silting in Lake Shafer, Indiana during the past few years have been a matter of concern to its owners, operators, and users. Potential causes for observed increases...

Knowledge-Based System for Wind Damage to Buildings

Marinas, Parks and Recreation Developments
This proceedings, Marinas, Parks & Recreation Developments, contains papers presented at the International Conference sponsored by...

Unbound Drainable Base Courses: Permeability Versus Unsurfaced Stability

Seismic Isolation Retrofit of Existing Bridges

Knowledge-Based Expert Systems For Geotechnical Factors in Dredging

Dredging of Fishing Harbour, Walvis Bay

SCREENER - An Expert System tool for Environmental Impacts Evaluation and Mitigation

Microworlds for Learning Through Inquiry
We discuss several computer-based environments to support learning through inquiry, called microworlds, including two focused on steam power plant operation and electronic troubleshooting....

Machine Learning in Civil Engineering – Important Issues and Challenges
In recent years, machine learning techniques have been applied to help overcome the knowledge acquisition bottleneck of knowledge-based systems in civil engineering. This paper identifies...

Towards Practical Machine Learning Techniques
Most research on the application of machine learning to engineering problems have solved artificial problems. While research claimed to have reached results that would improve practice,...





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