An Inductive Diagnostic Knowledge System for Rebar Corrosion

Machine Learning of Bridge Design Rules: A Case Study

A Knowledge Based Software for Construction Safety

Seismic Behavior of Buildings with FPS Isolators

Evaluation of Construction Time & Cost for Design Alternatives in a Collaborative Environment

A Cooperative Design Support Environment

A Knowledge-based Construction Claims Advisor

Equipment Selection in Opencast Mining Using an Expert System Shell

Fuzzy Decision Analysis for Power Recreation, and Environmental Objectives on the Green River, CO and UT

Recreation and Jobs in the Glen Canyon Dam Region

Managing the TVA Reservoir System for Recreation Benefits

Hydroelectric Project Recreation Partners in River Access Program

Hydropower Generation and Whitewater Recreation: Finding the Common Ground

Seismic Base Isolation of Gas Insulated Electrical Substations: Comparison among Different Solutions

Establishment of a Linear Model of Seismically Isolated Bridges Using a System Identification Method

Modeling Runoff and Baseflow with a Conceptual Model of Water Balance

Hazard Rating for Low Drops

Automating Constructability During Design

Oxnard Airport Asphalt and Base Course Recycling

Seismic Isolation in Bridges
In the U.S., the use of seismic isolation in new bridge construction and retrofit projects has been growing as awareness of seismic risk has spread across the country since the 1971 San...





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