Seismic Isolation of Bridges in New York City

Worldwide Advances in Structural Concrete and Masonry
This proceedings contains the papers presented at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Committee on Concrete and Masonry Structures (CCMS) Symposium on Worldwide Advances in...

Construction Project Control through Risk Management

Performance of Stabilized Base Course at DFW

Managing Conflicting Demands from Endangered Species: Taking the Challenge
Reservoir system managers face conflicting demands from interests such as water supply, flood control, recreation, hydropower, and environmental preservation. Historically, water resource...

Base Isolation Gets Its Day in Court
After the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, the 1905 U.S. Court of Appeals and Post Office Building in San Francisco was closed. The owner, General Services Administration Pacific Rim Region,...

Base Isolating a Wharf Using Sliding Friction Isolators At the Port of Los Angeles

Hartford Riverwalk Development Riverfront Recapture, Inc.

Performance Based Seismic Design

Fatigue Inspection and Evaluation of Bridges

Performance Based Design for Fire in New Zealand

Development of a Hybrid KBS for Design Applications in Wind Engineering

Analytical Studies of the Response of Multi-Column Base Isolated Bridges

Integrating CADD and KBS for Structural Steel

A Case-Based Model for Building Envelope Design Assistance

Organizational Knowledge Creation in Integrated Construction Planning System

Deductive CAD

Towards Object Databases for Project Control

Towards an Object-Oriented Approach to Project Control

Proactive Object-Oriented Project Control System





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