Seismic Isolation of Bridges Using Sliding Isolation Systems

Seismic Isolation of Bridges in the Midwest

Seismic Base Isolation Study for a Kentucky Building

A Knowledge Based System for the Evaluation of Earthquake Damaged Structures

Energy-Based Modeling of High Damping Rubber Seismic Isolators for Dynamic Analysis

Response of Base Isolated USC Hospital Building in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake

Analytical Approaches for the Design of Base-Isolated Structures

Guidelines and Benchmarks for Analysis of Isolated Buildings

A Hybrid Data Model for Structural Health Monitoring

Fuzzy Logic Based Control for Sliding Structures

Hybrid Control of Seismic Response Using Nonlinear Output Feedback

Decision Support Environment for Structural Steel

Analysis Requirements for Performance-Based Design of Beam-Column Joints

Statistical Distributions and Natural Hydrograph
For design projects in the water resources area, a hydrograph is commonly used to determine the flood volume generated by a given drainage basin. The division of total flow into direct...

Picacho Reservoir Enhancement Study for Water Recharge, Reparian Enhancement, and Water-Based Recreation Purposes
This study was conducted for the Pinal County Department of Civil Works in Florence, Arizona. It investigated the feasibility of a major enhancement and expansion of Picacho Reservoir,...

The Great Great Lakes
Superlatives are in order when talking about the Great Lakes of North America! As a body of water half the size of the Mediterranean Sea and stretching more than a third across North America,...

Conjunctive Water Use Transforms a California Desert
An area doing multi-billion dollar recreational and agricultural business in the Southern California Sonoran desert owes its existence and well being to two things—wise water planning...

Reclaiming Denver's Central South Platte River
The South Platte River reaches from the 14,000 foot peaks west of Denver more than 300 miles east to its confluence with the North Platte River at North Platte, Nebraska. As the South...

Identification of Regional (Third Party) Impacts Associated with the Truckee River Operating Agreement
This paper focuses on problems and solutions encountered to identify regional impacts of the Truckee River Operating Agreement (TROA). Two issues influenced the development of a regional...

A Knowledge Based System for the Design of Open Channels
The design of open channel facilities often calls for evaluation of a unique set of physical conditions which do not lend themselves to standard designs and textbook solutions. Consequently,...





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