Coastal Change—Scales of Processes and Dimensions of Problems

Effects of Density on Cross-Shore Sediment Transport

The Role and Time Scale of Cross-Shore Sediment Exchange for a Barrier Island Shoreface

Relationship of Geologic Framework to Origin of Barrier Island Coast, South Carolina

Hurricane Impacts and Shoreline Recovery along Masonboro Island, North Carolina

Complicated Littoral Drift Systems on the Gulf Coast of Peninsular Florida

The Long-Term Contribution of Pre-Holocene Sands to Transgressing Barrier Islands

Natural Evolution of an Artificial Inlet

Anthropogenic vs. Natural Influences on Inlet Evolution: West-Central Florida

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Historical and Active Tidal Inlets: Delmarva Peninsula and New Jersey, U.S.A.

Geologic Mapping of the Nearshore Area Offshore Fire Island, New York

Regional Geologic Characteristics along the South Shore of Long Island, New York

Periodic Shoreline Morphology: Fire Island, New York

Scaling Winter Storm Impacts on Assateague Island, Maryland, Virginia

Mapping Impacts of Hurricanes Fran and Bertha on North Carolina Dunes

Integrated Dune/Beach Nourishment on Cacela Peninsula, Portugal

Tidal Inlet Stability at Fire Island, Moriches and Shinnecock Inlets, Long Island, New York

Challenges Faced During Construction of a Sewer and Water Line in a Man-Made Island During the America's Cup Races and the Republican National Convention

Unanticipated Response to Detached, Segmented Breakwaters along Raccoon Island, Louisiana

Regional Sediment Budget for Fire Island to Montauk Point, New York, USA





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