The Grounding of Shipping Containers in the British Virgin Islands

Hydrogeology of Caribbean Coral Reef Islands

The Hydrology of a Caribbean Mangrove Island

Aerial Photographic Analysis of Boat Traffic Distributions in Cumberland Sound, Georgia

Marsh/Mudflat Sedimentation, Cumberland Island, GA

Community Description and Monitoring of Cumberland Island Jetty at Kings Bay—St. Marys River Entrance, Georgia

Potential for Seawater Encroachment near Cumberland Island, GA

Restoring Prospect Island Wetlands: A Proposal for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta of California

Long-Term Vision of Development, Utilization and Conservation of Tokyo Metropolitan Coastal Area

Construction Offshore Man-Made Island and Preservation of Coastal Zone

Systems for Control of Environmental Conditions in Regional Marine Ecosystems—A Fundamental Study

Ocean Folklore in an Asian Island Nation: Japan

Quantitative Mapping of Coastal Habitats and Natural Resource Distributions: Application to Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
Effective management of the coastal zone is dependent on the availability of accurate information on the distributions of natural resources in both time and space. However, comprehensive...

Monitoring of the 1985/86 Beach Nourishment Project at Bar Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Bar Beach, Victoria Island, is Nigeria's foremost leisure beach and has been the site of very active erosion following the completion in 1912 of two stone breakwaters perpendicular...

Linking CZM With Local Planning and Zoning, Examples of Successful Harbor Management Planning
In September, 1988, the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council initiated the Rhode Island Harbors Management Project. This project calls for Rhode Island municipalities to establish...

Borderline Estuaries and Interstate Management Programs
Estuaries bordered by more than one state authority often suffer from contrasting and/or conflicting management practices along the shores of a continuous body of water. Management strategies...

Pre-Storm and Post-Storm Hurricane Planning in Nags Head, North Carolina
Located on a barrier island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Town of Nags Head is vulnerable to the direct effects of hurricanes and extra-tropical storms. The Outer Banks, as...

Salt Pond Watchers, Citizen Monitoring for Better Government Decisions
Since 1985, 50 Salt Pond Watchers have monitored the effects of development on 7 estuarine bays in Rhode Island. Volunteers test the waters biweekly for temperature, dissolved oxygen (LaMotte...

Marine Minerals Investigation in the Mid-Pacific Area; An Example of State and Federal Government Cooperation
For the past six years, representatives of the Federal government and the State of Hawaii have joined together to investigate marine cobalt-rich manganese crust occurrences in the U. S....

What Future for Phuket?
Phuket Island is a key demonstration site for formulating Thailand's coastal resources policies. In its first two years in Phuket, reported at CZ89, the Thailand Coastal Resources...





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