Ice Retention with Artificial Islands on the St. Marys River

Wave Stress and Longshore Current on Barred Profiles

Longshore Currents Over Barred Beaches

Longshore Nonuniformities of Nearshore Currents

Morphological Impact Assessment of Artificial Islands for the ├śresund Link Between Denmark and Sweden

Barriers to the Use of High Performance Steel in I-Girder Highway Bridges

Storm Surge Frequency Computations for Long Island, NY: A Comparison of Methodologies

Simulating the Transport of an Algae Bloom off the West Coast of Vancouver Island

The Scour at Bridges Management Program in Rhode Island
The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) has developed and implemented a comprehensive two-phase scour susceptibility program for screening and assessment of scour at bridges....

The Integration of Receiving Water Impacts in the Evaluation Process of Alternative Designs for CSO Abatement in Providence, RI
The Providence, Rhode Island sewer system is undergoing a combined sewer overflow abatement program. One measure of the program's effectiveness is the reduction of water quality...

Performance Assessment Modeling of the Proposed Genting Island Repository Facility

COASTMAP: An Integrated System for Environmental Monitoring, Modeling and Management
The development of COASTMAP, an integrated system for environmental monitoring, modeling and management for fresh and marine waters, is presented. The system allows the user to collect,...

Managing the Impacts of Storm Surges on Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Victoria Island is one of the barrier islands along the Nigerian Coast. The others are Lagos, Lekki, Ikovi, and Badagry. A general characteristic of these barrier islands in Nigeria is...

The Effects of Construction Joint in Mass Concrete

Guidelines for Evaluating the Performance of Highway Sound Barriers
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center, a CERF Service Center. This report presents the HITEC evaluation plan for U.S. Gypsum's...

Two-Dimensional Modeling of River Dynamics for the Expansion of Clover Island, Kennewick, Washington
The Port of Kennewick, Washington, is proposing to redevelop Clover Island as a waterfront village concept. The island is located in the Columbia River between McNary and Priest Rapids...

Employment of Electronic Sand Level Gauges for Measurement of Beach Slope Deformation on Norderney Island

Design of a 610-mm Water Pipeline Across Providence Harbor

Groundwater Dynamics in Beaches and Coastal Barriers

Beach Nourishment: Planform Considerations





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