Power Struggle
The Florida Light and Power Company could have replaced its deteriorating, H-shaped wooden power poles in the Tomoka River with exact duplicates, but they chose to use hybrid steel-and-concrete...

Ships, Barges, and Fenders—Preventing Things That Go Bump

Ocean Wave-Powered Desalination

Improving the Speed of Double Lockages
The size of tug and barge combinations on the Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway frequently exceed the dimensions of the lock chambers they must pass through. The locks on these...

Navigation Lock Improvements
All commercial barge traffic on the Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway must pass through a system of locks designed and built in the 1930s and 40s. Many of the locks on these...

Filling and Emptying System Model Study for the Innovative Lock Design
Funding constraints have generated innovative ideas regarding the hydraulic system of proposed navigation locks. Two fundamental questions addressed in the innovative lock design study...

Risk Analysis of Ship and Barge Collision Loads on Bridges

Balancing on the Tides
Using a system of pivoting, barge-mounted towers, a Virginia contractor floated bridge segments into position 120 ft above the York River, reducing costs and cutting erection time by nearly...

DOW A-22 Barge and Ship Dock Project

The Fenderless Fender System, Port of Texas City

Design of Fender Systems for Barge Operations

New U.S. Navy Fuel Pier at Puget Sound

A Marine Railway and Transfer System for the UNDEX Test Facility

Fender Systems in the 90's and Beyond

Boston Harbor Project: Construction Logistics

Small Scale Improvements to Navigation Locks

Development of Missouri River Navigation Analysis
The navigation analysis for the Master Manual review examined mainstem reservoir regulation alternatives by evaluating the benefits of reservoir releases for barge transportation. Navigation...

Recycling on the Mississippi
Changes in the Mississippi River's water depth and alignment are forcing the retirement of the 105-year-old Hannibal, Mo. swing bridge. Although the bridge's...

Petroleum Imports and Coastal Zone Management
With its growing net petroleum import position, the U.S. must accept continued dependence on tankers plying its coastal areas. Tankers also carry product exports, of course, a critical...

Case Study of an Offshore Horizontal Boring
A pipeline system was needed to transport natural gas from a discovery in Mobile Block 823 to Mobil's existing system inside Mobile Bay. Sand Island, a small barrier island off Dauphin...





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