Effect of Bathers on the Bacterial Density of Water

Bacterial TOC Removal on Sand and GAC

Modeling Suspended Solids and Bacteria in Ford Lake
A submodel for computing the behavior of suspended solids and associated pollutants in turbulent, open channels was constructed and tested in a natural water system. The submodel equation...

Aerobic Bacterial Metabolic Processes
A mathematical model of aerobic bacterial metabolic processes is developed and used to derive the Monod equation, a second-order differential BOD equation, an equation relating specific...

Microbiological Survey to Two Uncovered Reservoirs in Southern California

Assessing the Toxicity of Sulfite Evaporator Condensate to Methanogens

Modeling Stormwater Runoff Induced Bacterial Contamination of Belleville Lake (Mi)

Degradation of PCBs in Freshwater Sediments

Problems of Disinfecting Nitrified Effluents

Tertiary Treatment of Wastewater Using Flow-Through Wetland Systems

Mixing and Microorganism Survival in the Slave River, N. W. T.

Modeling Storm Overflow Impacts on Eutrophic Lake
A mathematical model was developed to predict the transient impact of storm loads on phosphorus, fecal coliform, and dissolved oxygen concentrations in Onondaga Lake and determine the...

Ozone Inactivation of Floc Associated Viruses and Bacteria
It has been shown that some viruses and bacteria in their natural environment may exist embedded or adsorbed within various solid materials. These viruses may exhibit a totally different...

Modeling Pollution in Strait of Maracaibo
In 1974, a far-reaching research program was undertaken to solve the problems of pollution in the Lake Maracaibo system, a partially mixed estuary, and specifically to draw up a master...

Mitigating Runoff Pollution Into South Shore Bays of Long Island, New York

Modeling Suspended Solids and Associated Bacteria in Natural Water Systems

Control of Stormwater Runoff in a Rural Area

Combined Sewer Overflow Controls for Boston Harbor

Aerosols in the Treatment Plant Environment

Unconfined Grazing and Bacterial Water Pollution—A Review





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