Waterborne Giardiasis-Treatment Process Selection

A Statistical Model of Bacterial Water Quality

Evaluation of Five Species of Temperate Climate Aquatic Plants for Application in Aquaculture Treatment of Wastewater

The Effect of Low Level Alkalinity on Nitrification Rate

Pilot Testing to Evaluate Virus Removal and Deactivation

Direct Filtration Removal of THM Precursors from CAP Water

Disinfection and the Control of Waterborne Giardiasis

Water Disinfection Schemes for Reduced THN Production

The Incidence, Monitoring, and Treatment of Viruses in Water Supply Systems
A State-of-the Art Review
Two areas of growing concern in water treatment and public health are the potential for spread of viruses by water routes and the adequacy of current treatment and disinfection practices...

Rapid Detection of Genotoxic Chemicals in the Environment

Factors Affecting Nitrogen Removal in Water Hyacinth Treatment Systems

A Model for the Bacterial Contamination of Groundwater

Developing an ATP Index for Degradation of Drinking Water Quality by Attached Microbes

Effect of Bathers on the Bacterial Density of Water

Bacterial TOC Removal on Sand and GAC

Assessing the Toxicity of Sulfite Evaporator Condensate to Methanogens

Modeling Stormwater Runoff Induced Bacterial Contamination of Belleville Lake (Mi)

Degradation of PCBs in Freshwater Sediments

Problems of Disinfecting Nitrified Effluents

Tertiary Treatment of Wastewater Using Flow-Through Wetland Systems





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