Effect of Bridge Pier Shape and Contraction Ratios on Backwater Profile

Bridge Abutment Scour in Floodplain with Backwater

Flow Transitions in Bridge Backwater Analysis

Modeling Ice-Covered Rivers Using HEC-RAS

Bridge Abutment Scour in Floodplain with Backwater

Role of Vegetation in Hydraulics of Channel Restoration
Boundary layer theory is used to develop a backwater model for flows through vegetated waterways which can be employed to approximately estimate flow depth variation in channel restoration...

The Effects of Water Surface Profiles on Manning's Roughness Coefficient
The Manning Equation has wide application in engineering practice. Nonetheless, certain aspects of it are still not widely understood. Often, engineers deduce the value of Manning's...

Influence of Backwater on Headcut Advance
A study was performed to examine the influence of backwater level downstream of an overfall on headcut advance. The discharge, overfall height, and soil type were held constant while varying...

Estimating Sediment Conveyance Capacity and Deposition Potential in Culverts
In watersheds characterized by high sediment production, culverts must be designed to adequately convey both water and sediment without causing excessive backwater upstream of the culvert...

Flow Transitions in Bridge Backwater Analysis

Effect of Bridge Pier Shape and Contraction Ratios on Backwater Profile

Weaver Bottoms Backwater Rehabilitation
Navigation channel dredge material was used to construct closure structures and islands in lower pool 5 on the Upper Mississippi River in 1986. Primary objectives included aquatic habitat...

Pool Dispersion Flow Net (PLDFLONT) A Digital Computer Analysis and Simulation of Water Velocity Vectors (Magnitude, Direction, and Sense) in a Backwater Pool Resulting from Infusions from Upstream from a Control Structure into the Lower Pool An Analysis and Program for Execution on an Electronic, Digital Computer

SCS Water Surface Profile Model—WSP2

Ultrasonic Velocity Meter Used in Stream Gaging
Many streams and canals in Florida are affected by tides or control structures and experience very low flow velocities at times. For example, the St. Johns River in northeastern Florida...

Sediment Sources Analysis for Peoria Lake Along the Illinois River
The modern-day lower Illinois River flows within a greatly oversized valley formed by an old course of the Mississippi River and glacial outwash events. As a result, the section of the...

Ice Buildup in Tailing Basins

Determining River Stages with Consideration of Backwater Effects
In a recent hydraulic investigation on the Cache River basin, the stages of the Mississippi River at the Beechridge station were found to be necessary downstream boundary conditions for...

1-D and 2-D Analysis of Flood Plain Encroachment
The paper reports on a study into the effects of a local encroachment in a broad regular flood plain. The results of a one-dimensional analysis were compared with the results of an equivalent...

Advances in Flood Plain Management Techniques





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