Racine's Water Street Retaining Wall

Wando Terminal Ground Improvement Program

Speedy Backfilling for Old Mines
In November 1992, the U.S. Bureau of Mines, in cooperation with the Office of Surface Mining (OSM), used two recently-developed pneumatic backfilling devices to completely fill an abandoned...

Factors Influencing Passive Pullout Resistance

On the Influence of Seismically Induced Residual Forces on Bridge Abutment Design
The seismic design of bridge abutments depend on the anticipated movement of the abutment during the design earthquake. For seat-type abutments in which the backfill resistance can be...

Backfill-Stiffened Foundation Wall Construction

Numerical Analysis of Frost Shields
The term 'frost sheilding' has been used to describe the practice of using flat stock rigid insulation materials burial above a water or sewer pipe to reduce...

3-D Testing of Backfill Soil in Buried Pipe Design

Flowable Fill - A Solution to Pipe Backfilling Problems

Performance of a Welded Wire Wall with Poor Quality Backfills on Soft Clay

Rocky Mountain Project Seepage Cutoff in Solutioned Limestone
The right abutment of the main closure dam for the Rocky Mountain Project required extensive treatment of deeply weathered shale and solutioned limestone to assure control of seepage and...

Diffusion Barrier Transport Properties of Unsaturated Paintbrush Tuff Rubble Backfill
Diffusion coefficients (D) were experimentally determined in unsaturated tuff gravel to evaluated the effectiveness of tuff gravel and rubble as a diffusion barrier to ionic transport...

Efficient Early Lunar Excavation Machine

Behavior and Design of Gravity Earth Retaining Structures
This paper summarizes recent research on the soil-structure interaction of gravity earth retaining structures and provides new design procedures for these structures. The procedures currently...

Cement Stabilized Soil Retaining Walls

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Retaining Structures

External Stability of a Reinforced Earth Wall Constructed Over Soft Clay

Failure of Blue Heron Road Embankment Supported by Reinforced Earth Wall

Stabilization Attempts: Westhampton Beach, N.Y.
The barrier island at Westhampton Beach, N.Y. and its associated inlets have been the sites of numerous management and stabilization projects. Most of these projects have been technically...

Subsidence Abatement Projects in Wyoming—An Overview
Abatement projects were undertaken to prevent or minimize further subsidence in Wyoming communities. The paper gives a brief historical background on the mining activity in Wyoming. Subsidence...





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