Sediment Remediation at the Unnamed Tributary to the Ottawa River
A sediment removal action was conducted in the Unnamed Tributary to the Ottawa River to address sediments containing polychlorinated biphenyls(PCBs) at concentrations up to 74,000 mg/kg....

Alterations and Additions to Morgan Creek Harbor, Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Shaking Table Tests on Seismic Behavior of Quay Walls Subjected to Backfill Liquefaction

Seismically-Induced Deformations of Caisson Retaining Walls in Improved Soils

Grouting to Control Coal Mine Subsidence

Short Term Pullout Tests of Geogrid in a Compacted Lateritic Soil

New Channel Formation During the Pilot Backfilling Project for the Dechannelization of the Kissimmee River

Depleted-Uranium-Silicate Backfill of Spent-Fuel Waste Packages for Repository Containment and Criticality Control

Benefits/Impacts of Utilizing Depleted Uranium Silicate Glass as Backfill for Spent Fuel Waste Packages

Corrosion Effects of Cement Stabilized Backfill on Galvanized Steel Reinforcement

Containment with Vertical Cutoff Walls

Thermal Stress in Backfilled Circular Tunnel Due to 21 PWR MPC's

Radiocolloid Migration Through Backfill-Surrounding Porous Media in Semi-Infinite Cylindrical Geometry

Failure of MPC Overpack and Inner Container Under Corrosion and Mechanical Stresses in a Backfilled Drift

Field Performance of PVC Water Mains Buried in Different Backfills

Thermal Performance of Trench Backfills for Buried Water Mains

Sewer Trench Subsidence Due to Severe Flooding

Experiments on Seismic Behavior of Back-fill Gravel Layer as Liquefaction Countermeasure of Buried Gas Pipelines

Evaluation of Cone Penetrometer Grout Backfilling

Robust EBS Design and Source-Term Analysis for the Partially Saturated Yucca Mountain Site





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