Grouse Mountain Aerial Tramway

The Race for Smart Cars
Prendergast describes the technological elements involved in Intelligent Vehicle/Highway Systems (IVHS), current programs in Europe, Japan and the U.S. aimed at implementing IVHS systems,...

Recent Evolution of the Concept of APM in France

Perceptions of Automated People Mover Technologies Among Transportation Professionals

The People Mover at Harbour Island

Low Cost People Mover Alternatives for Santa Cruz

Study of a Cable-Driven System in Funabashi City

An Urban Transport Alternative—C-Bahn

Financing Highways in the 21st Century
The Nation's sustained economic growth will depend heavily on productivity increases and efficient transport infrastructure is a key component. Future population and travel...

Future Driver and Vehicle Characteristics and Their Influence on Highway Design for Safety
Both driver and vehicle characteristics are changing, and these characteristics will continue to change into the 21st century. The purpose of this paper is to identify the major changes...

Safety Performance Evaluation of 21st Century Appurtenances
A great deal has occurred in the highway safety field in the last 15 years: there have been societal changes which have altered the character of the vehicle fleet; there have been technological...

Hazardous Events After Redirectional Collisions
The potential for hazardous events occurring to vehicle occupants after a redirection from a longitudinal barrier has not been adequately addressed. Very few studies are available which...

Cable Car Renovation Project: On Time and on Budget
San Francisco Municipal Railway officials had originally expected it would take three years to renovate the nine miles of deteriorated trackway and restore and seismically upgrade the...

Characterization of Indoor Carbon Monoxide Levels Produced by the Automobile
Integrated air samples were obtained at seven small and six large service stations and two dealerships. These establishments were sampled during cold and warm weather operations for eight...

A Unique Communication System for Aerial Ropeways
The basic principles of operation of a Double Reversible Aerial Tramway are introduced. A brief note is given explaining a safety circuit or survey current used on the haul rope, since...

Transportation Brokerage in a Bi-State Area
Transportation brokerage is a coordinated management approach to meeting transportation consumer needs with existing transportation providers. In doing so, brokerage fosters increased...

The Responsibility of the Civil Engineer to the Drinking Driver

The Responsibility of the Civil Engineer

The Responsibility of the Civil Engineer in Highway Safety

Transit and Carpool Productivities in a Decade of Technological Change





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