Case Studies in Optimal Design and Maintenance Planning of Civil Infrastructure Systems
Sponsored by the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE. This collection contains 19 papers on the optimal design and maintenance planning of civil...

First Building in Austria with a Composite Frame Designed According to ENV 1994-1

Investigation of Some Heavy Flood Hazards in Small Alpine Catchments in Austria

Flood Forecasting Model for an Alpine Drainage Basin - River Drau in Austria

Flood Trends in Austria

Preliminary Studies of a Karst Warm Spring in Mt. Kräuterin, Austria
A warm spring occurs at the west foot of Mt. Kruterin, characterized by relatively higher temperature (17.4°C) and sulfate concentration (162 mg/L) against with the regional background...

Impact of Anthropogenic Activities in Rivers Upon Accuracy of Hydrological Forecasts and on Development of Forecasting Methodologies—Experiences from the Slovak-Hungarian Reach of Danube
The Danube, as an international river, crosses eight states of Europe. This calls for the need of close cooperation of the Danubian countries, particularly for operational forecasts issuance,...

Hysteresis Effect of Karst Vadose Zone in Spring Kr5, Mt. Kräuterin, Austria
Hysteresis effect is considerable in Spring Kr5, involving a chain of processes of recharge-infiltration-discharge. The lag time of each process to another can be briefly summarized and...

Research and Latest Development of Materials for Shotcreting

The Brenner Base Tunnel - A Project Resume

Practical Experiences with Shotcrete Containing Alkali-Free Acceleration

Austrian Guideline and National Report on the Use of Shotcrete
The purpose of this guideline is the standardization of quality and a uniform procedure for the production and testing of shotcrete from the technical and engineering point of view. In...

To the Limits of Shotcrete Linings
In the 1950s for the first time shotcrete was used because an essential support measure to guarantee the stability of an underground opening in Austria, Detzelhofer (1). Since that time...

New Austrian Dam Side-Channel Spillway
The Loma Prieta earthquake of 17 October 1989 damaged the chute spillway at the Austrian Dam near San Jose, California. The replacement spillway, with a higher design discharge of 11,500...

The Heritage Mountain Funicular

The New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM): Theoretical Background - Practical Experiences

Contractors Experienced with The New Austrian Tunnelling Method (Economy and Flexibility)





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