Understanding ISO
Many U.S. consulting firms are being registered under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 series, which set standards for business conduct to achieve quality....

Utilizing Coordinated Billing and Metering Systems Analysis to Enhance Utility Revenue on a Shared Revenue Basis

The Use of Technical Specialists in Quality Assurance Audits
This paper provides a nontechnical discussion of the use of Technical Specialists in quality assurance audits by the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management's Office of Quality...

Port-Tenant Relations: A Pro-active Approach to Reducing Environmental Contamination and Liability
The Port of Oakland has instituted a number of measures to improve environmental practices of tenants operating on Port-owned land and facilities. These measures, which include lease provisions,...

New Road Safety Initiatives in New Zealand
A considerable number of initiatives have been taken in New Zealand recently to keep pressure on the downward trend in road crashes and casualties. These have included government legislation...

Road Safety Audit: Prevention is Better Than Cure
Over the past two decades, the emphasis in road safety engineering has been on crash reduction through the development of remedial measures at high frequency sites. Road and traffic authorities...

NEPA and License Renewal: A Case Study of the EIS Process for Projects in Relicensing

The Results Are In Auditing Hydropower License Compliance

Technical Auditors: A Positive Learning Experience

Environmental Auditing as a Compliance Tool
This paper will look at how a compliance audit can be used as an effective compliance tool and discuss the key elements of a successful environmental audit program. An environmental audit...

Stopping Waste at the Source
Contrary to popular belief, waste reduction at the source, rather than end-of-the-pipe waste treatment may the nation's best approach to the hazardous waste problem. Surprisingly,...

Environmental Assessments - A Users' Guide

Environmental Assessment for Three Commonly Used Pesticides: Alachlor, Lindane and Parathion

Site Assessments
The 1986 Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act (SARA) established an innocent purchaser defense applicable if a new owner conducts appropriate inspection and appropriate inquiry...

Safety in the Industrial Robot Environment
Safety requirements differ for applications with or without a human interface. The extent of human interface with the robot must be determined. Design of the robot, guarding, access, and...


Post Audits of Floodplain Protective Works

Chautauqua Auditorium - A Restoration

Avoiding History Repetition from Prudency Audits: Planning from the Beginning

Environmental Risk in Corporate Acquisition and Property Transfers





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