Intergalactic Soil Nails: Excavation Support for the Deep Space Auditorium
A software company based outside Madison, Wis., had a need for an auditorium as part of its campus expansion in 2011. The 829,000-sq-ft, 11,400-seat "Deep Space" auditorium was to be built underground,...

Risk Assessment Methods for Environmental Accounting

Expedited Environmental Investigations for Base Conversion

Using Groundwater Models in Remediation Decisions

Road Safety Audits - A Summary of Current Practice

Developing Geomorphic Post Project Appraisals for Environmentally-Aligned River Channel Management

Classifying Vehicles Using Their Auditory Signature Based on an Auditory Model

A Simplified Process Audit to Design an Affordable Pollution Prevention and Waste Management Plan - Part 1
This paper presents a simplified approach to the general audit procedure that is applicable to the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). The process leads to the identification of major sources...

Validation of the Simplified Audit Process at a Roofing Tar Paper Speciality Product Manufacturer - Part 2
The Simplified Audit Process (SAP) is presently tested in a roofing tar paper speciality product manufacturer in Joliette, Quebec. The steps involved in the process had helped the company...

SQIG: A DOE Complex-Wide Approach to Savings through Sharing

Environmental Site Investigation Guidance Manual
This manual, Environmental Site Investigation, was prepared as a guidance on procedures for investigating and characterizing a site that may...

Topic: Environmental Site Assessment

Tema: Evaluación Ambiental

A Post-Development Audit of the Pick-Sloan Program

Managing Riparian Zones and Watersheds with State Forest Practice Programs

Utilizing Coordinated Billing and Metering Systems Analysis to Enhance Utility Revenue on a Shared Revenue Basis

Port-Tenant Relations: A Pro-active Approach to Reducing Environmental Contamination and Liability
The Port of Oakland has instituted a number of measures to improve environmental practices of tenants operating on Port-owned land and facilities. These measures, which include lease provisions,...

Road Safety Audit: Prevention is Better Than Cure
Over the past two decades, the emphasis in road safety engineering has been on crash reduction through the development of remedial measures at high frequency sites. Road and traffic authorities...

NEPA and License Renewal: A Case Study of the EIS Process for Projects in Relicensing

The Results Are In Auditing Hydropower License Compliance





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