Nonlinear Seismic Response of Asymmetric Systems

Seismic Control of Asymmetric Structures

Effect of Bed Roughness on Net Sediment Transport by Asymmetrical Waves

Solving Asymmetric Network Equilibrium Problems with Genetic Algorithms

Energy Based Approach to Earthquake Response of Asymmetric Systems

Computational Experiments with a Combined Traffic Assignment and Control Model with Asymmetric Cost Functions

Validation of a Model for Cross-Shore Sediment Transport

Hydrodynamic Processes on the Lower Shoreface of the Dutch Coast

Evaluation of US Seismic Code Provisions for Asymmetric-Plan Systems
The effects of plan asymmetry on the earthquake response of code-designed, one-story systems are identified with the objective of evaluating how well these effects are represented by torsional...

Free Vibration Analysis of Asymmetric Buildings
A simple procedure for free vibration analysis of asymmetric buildings is presented. This method assumes that each floor is a rigid diaphragm with three degrees of freedom (two lateral...

Tide- and Wind-Driven Flushing of Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
The flushing of Boston Harbor, a shallow, tidally dominated embayment with little fresh water input, is investigated using a depth-averaged model. The modeled tidal currents exhibit strong...

Differential Motions in Sedimentary Valleys
The differential motions (strains), induced in sediment-filled valleys due to incident seismic waves, are investigated. The response of a two-dimensional model of an asymmetric wedge-shaped...

Vortex at Hydraulic Intakes with Asymmetric Approach Flows
The formation of vortices at intakes can disrupt normal operating procedures and damage hydraulic machinery. Asymmetric approach flow and a protruding pier (normal wall) contribute to...

Asymmetric Transport in Convective Turbulence

Tripping and Strength of Asymmetrical Plate Stiffeners
Tripping (lateral-torsional buckling) of symmetrical or asymmetrical plate stiffeners can be analyzed by using differential equations or energy formulation. An analytical study is reported...

Velocity Measurements of Wave-Current Combined Motion Over an Asymmetric Rippled Bed

Finite Element Discretization for Mixed-Mode Fracture Problems
The finite element discretization of mixed-mode problems in fracture mechanics is investigated. The characteristics of the mesh near the crack affect the accuracy of the finite element...

Dynamics of 3-D Base Isolated Structures
The work described in this paper concerns the dynamic behavior of asymmetric base isolation systems consisting of laminated rubber bearings and hysteretic dampers. It is shown in this...

The Asymmetric Structure of Alicia's Windfield at Landfall

Dynamic Effects of Liquid in Liquid-Shell System





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