Model Development for Conjunctive Use Planning in Taiwan

Integrated Dual-Mode Roofwater Collection System for Non-Potable Uses in the NTU Complex

Advancement of Rainwater Uses in Taiwan

Storm Surges of the Korean West and South Coasts

Characteristics of Giant Freak Waves Observed in the Sea of Japan

Short-Term Wave Statistics of Southern Taiwan

Satellite Altimeter Data in Wave Energy Studies

Wave Climate on the Coastal Area of Taiwan Strait

An Extremal Analysis System and its Application to the Estimation of Extremes of Meteorological and Oceanographic Elements Around the Coasts of Japan

Hovering Over the Harbor
The $600 million extension to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center features a highly sculpted roof inspired by the uplifting image of seabirds in flight, as well as a 300-ft-long...

Seasonal Characteristics of the Tidal Current Circulation in Omura Bay

Field Data Collection and Modeling for Verification of an Ecosystem Model in Osaka Bay, Japan

Hydrodynamic Modeling of Johor Estuary–Johor, Malaysia

Motorization: Positive Roles and Issues

ITS Development in China: Some Strategic Issues

The Potential for Non-Motorized Transport in Metro Manila

On Developing Refrigerated Container Transportation

LRT Priority at Congested Intersections: Case Study of Hong Kong LRT

Development of the Railway Concentrating Transport in China

Impact of the High Speed Rail on Domestic Air Travel Demand





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