Predicting the Effects of Urbanization on a Karst Aquifer

Ground Water Recharge at Green Valley Park, Payson, Arizona

Riparian Stewardship in the Post Regulatory Era: The Stick, the Carrot and the Light Bulb

Combination of Machine Learning and Regression Analysis in Knowledge Acquisition

Simulating the Effects of Goal Incongruency on Project Team Performance

Dewatering for Interim Mitigation of Liquefaction Hazard at Bradbury Dam

Potential Application of Artificial Immune Systems in Pavement Management Decision-Making

Flood Water Harvest

The Use of Aquifers in Saudi Arabia to Reclaim and Store Wastewaters

Dynamic-Stochastic Model of River Basins

The Atlanta Olympic Stadium Temporary Light Tower Collapse

Design of a Freeway Control System Based on Artificial Intelligence Methods for Travel Time Detection

Using Artificial Intelligence to Reduce High Fuel Consumption in Congested Cities

San Francisco Bay's Jeweled Necklace (Available only in Focus on Structures Special Edition)
When one looks at a map of San Francisco Bay, three bridges stand out to form a link around the central part of the Bay. At night, it takes little imagination for one to see the lights...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supported Process Planning System for Construction

Flushing and Recharge of Inlet Channel for an Ephemeral Coastal River

Artificial Recharge Using Inflatable Rubber Dams
Artificial recharge of ground water is a necessity in Orange County, California, where natural recharge is insufficient to satisfy water demands. Orange County is part of a semiarid coastal...

Artificial Recharge of a Buried Glacial Aquifer in South Dakota
The Huron Project of the High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program was designed to artificially recharge a buried glacial aquifer in eastern South Dakota High flows from the...

Optimal Well Locations for Groundwater Mound Control

Artificial Recharge in the Oakes Test Area
The Oakes Test Area (OTA) was developed to evaluate predicted impacts of developing irrigation in the Garrison Diversion Unit in North Dakota. A limited irrigation water supply has forced...





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