Up against the Wall (available in Geoenvironmental special issue only)
A tight site in Portland, Oregon, bounded by existing roads and a light rail line and bordered by underground utilities, required project engineers to develop a new type of shoring wall...

A Decision Support System for Assisting Operation of Artificial Recharge Systems
A series of simulation and optimization models analyzing artificial recharge systems have been linked within a decision support system (DSS) with a graphical interface. The model includes...

Dewatering and Injection Testing for Design and Construction of the Fort Point Channel Crossing Project

High-Tech Highway
The Virginia Dept. of Transportation has spent more than $30 million on the first 2 miles (3.2 km) of the planned 5.7 mile (9.2 km) Smart Road near Roanoke, Virginia. Eventually the road...

Riding the Rail
Spurred by decaying or overcrowded roads, communities across the U.S. are planning, building or renovating light rail, freight rail and high speed rail systems. The rail boom, funded in...

Loop-Based Travel Time Measurement

Building Knowledge (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
The Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory (ITLL) at the University of Colorado provides hands-on engineering lessons for students. Electrical, HVAC, structural, illumination, and...

San Francisco's Mission Bay Area Project: Balancing Land Development and Transportation

Ground Water Recharge Project, Prescott Valley, Arizona

Spectral and Bispectral Analysis for Nonlinear Leaky Phreatic Aquifer Systems Subject to Time Variable Inputs

Successful Planning for Indirect Potable Reuse

Chlorination Strategies for Direct Groundwater Recharge of Tertiary Effluent

A Risk/Cost Analysis of a Hazardous Waste Site

Aquifer Storage in Southern Sinai

Arid Region Water Harvest

Close-In Blast Design at the Tri-Met Light Rail Tunnels

Effective Computer Use in Civil Engineering Today

An Intelligent and Multiple-Object Decision Support System for Scheduling of Train Diagram

Design/Build Goes Light
Full speed ahead: Those might well be the bywords of Baltimore's Central Light Rail Line extension, a trailblazing project believed to be the first in which the design/build...

Conjunctive Use with Reclaimed Water: Modeling Water Quantity and Quality





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