Artificial Recharge of Ground Water in Case of Yamagata City, Japan

Artificial Recharge of Groundwater in Punjab India

Ralegan Sindi watershed a Case Study of Artificial Recharge of Ground Water

Artificial Recharge in Four Water Plants in Sweden

On Recharging Ground Water in the Plain Near Venice

The Artificial Recharge of Underground Aquifer of the Idice Torrent in the Province of Bologna (Italy)

Development and Application of the City of Cocoa Aquifer Storage and Recovery System

Aquifer Recharge Modeling for the Reedy Creek Improvement District

Rapid Infiltration Basin Operation and Maintenance

Beware the Sediment Scare
Your municipal or industrial stormwater facility meets best management practices (BMPs) as outlined by EPA. It is designed to meet requirements under the Clean Water Act and the accompanying...

Estimation of Economic Losses Caused by Disruption of Lifeline Service: An Analysis of the Memphis Light, Gas and Water System

Issues in Artificial Recharge

Pilot Program to Demonstrate Cost-Effective Solution to Groundwater Overdrafting in Ventura County, California

Using pH Adjustment to Control Iron Concentrations in the Recovered Water from Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Wells

Evidence of Partial Denitrification during Ground-Water Recharge, Southern High Plains, Texas

A Landscape Approach to Identifying Environments where Ground Water and Surface Water are Closely Interrelated

Irrigation, Geology and Wetlands in Semi-arid Regions

Applications of Isotopes to Tracing Sources of Solutes and Water in Shallow Systems

Artificial Recharge of Ground Water II
The Second International Symposium on Artificial Recharge of Ground Water was held in Orlando, Florida from July 17-22, 1995 and sponsored by the ASCE Special Standards Division, the ASCE...

Journal of Architectural Engineering
The Journal of Architectural Engineering provides a multidisciplinary forum for dissemination of research-based engineering and technical information related to all aspects of building engineering design...





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