Artificial Ground-Water Recharge in Las Vegas Valley, Clark County, Nevada: Storing Today, Treating Tomorrow?

Behavior of Phosphate in Eutrophic Surface Water Upon Artificial Recharge in the Western Netherlands

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Artificial Recharge in Las Vegas Valley, Clark County, Nevada -- Big Plans or Big Panic??

The Optimization of Spreading Ground Operations

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Management of a Small Ground Water Reservoir by Recharge of Water from a Surface Reservoir

Artificial Ground-Water Recharge In Las Vegas Valley, Clark County, Nevada: Model Prediction - No Cone of Depression Here!

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Experimental and Theoretical Study on Heat Mechanism of Ground Water Flow

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100 Years of Stormwater Recharge: Mount Gambier, South Australia

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Artificial Recharge of Ground Water for All Purposes?

Use of Percolation Tanks in Recharge Augmentation in Semi-Arid Hard Rock Terrain in Western India

Lessons from Recharge Experiments in Kuwait

Infiltration Characteristics and Soil Moisture Variability in a Sand Dune Area





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