Grasshoppers Link Art and Engineering in Phoenix

10th Street Detention Basin and Recreation Facility

Flooding Problems Mitigation in Metropolitan Phoenix

Ground Water Recharge at Green Valley Park, Payson, Arizona

Ground Water Protection in Arizona

Neighborhood Traffic Management in Tucson, Arizona

Enhancing Cooperative Learning Using Distance Education

Replacement of Water-Operated Needle Valves at U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Facilities

Implementation of Canal Automation in Central Arizona

Pima-Maricopa Flexible Irrigation Project

Initiation of Debris Flows in Tributaries of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, Arizona

RBF Enters Arizona

Phoenix Underpass Brings Safety and Culture

Ground Water
Protection Alternatives and Strategies in the U.S.A.
Prepared by the Task Committee on Ground Water Protection of the Water Resources Engineering Division of ASCE. This report presents general hydrogeologic...

Remaining Service Life Analysis - Implementation in the ADOT Pavement Management System

Integrated Resources Management for Irrigated Agriculture: Practical Lessons in Water Management and Conservation from the Arizona Management Improvement Program
In Arizona, the interagency Management Improvement Program (MIP) is an effective water resources planning method where a large number of people and several levels of agencies or government...

Current Status of the Demonstration Management Improvement Program
Coordinated resource management programs have been developed and implemented in the Maricopa-Stanfleld Irrigation and Drainage District (MSIDD) area as a result of the Management Improvement...

Plumbing the Quality of a Sewer System
Consultants in Phoenix were recently charged with assessing the city's sewer system, many feet of which were laid without plastic lining to protect them. Developing a capital...

Simulating Evapotranspiration on Semi-Arid Rangelands
Detailed simulations of the surface energy balance using the Simultaneous Heat and Water (SHAW) model were compared with measurements collected at the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed...

Arizona Local Government Bridge Scour Evaluation Study
The Federal Highway Administration has mandated that the scour susceptibility of existing bridges over waterways and open to the travelling public be evaluated. With large numbers of highway...





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