The Management Improvement Program: A Model to Improve the Performance of Irrigated Agriculture
In 1991, the USDA-Agricultural Research Service U. S. Water Conservation Laboratory (USWCL) and a coalition of federal, state, and county agencies initiated a project to develop and test...

Bank Protection Toe-Downs and Local Pier Scour
The zone-of-influence for pier scour may impact bank protection toe-down depths. Countermeasures were required at a site along the Salt River in Phoenix, Arizona when the alignment of...

Riddle of the Riverbed
The design of the Salt River Viaduct as part of the Red Mountain Freeway in Phoenix, Arizona, presented unique geotechnical problems. A cemented silty clay layer underneath the surface...

Dam Engineering Exhibit Wins Prize for New Museum in Arizona

Integrated Resources Management for Irrigated Agriculture: Practical Lessons in Water Management and Conservation from the Arizona Management Improvement Program
In Arizona, the interagency Management Improvement Program (MIP) is an effective water resources planning method where a large number of people and several levels of agencies or government...

Current Status of the Demonstration Management Improvement Program
Coordinated resource management programs have been developed and implemented in the Maricopa-Stanfleld Irrigation and Drainage District (MSIDD) area as a result of the Management Improvement...

Increasing Computational Accuracy of Radial Gate Flows
Radial (Tainter) gates are the most widely used flow control structure on large, open channel conveyance systems. In contrast, the hydraulic forces are complicated and this type of gate...

Grade-Control Structures for Salt River Channelization
Soil cement grade-control structures have been designed and constructed in conjunction with channelization projects along the Salt River in Phoenix, Arizona. The structures were designed...

Applying a Prescriptive Model to Help Resolve Conflict Over Alamo Lake, AZ

Canal Multiple Use in Metropolitan Phoenix Area

Flood Control and Floodplain Planning for the Havasupai Indian Reservation

Recharge Well Technology at the Water Campus Project, Scottsdale, Arizona

Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Program for Large Diameter Sanitary Sewers in Phoenix, Arizona

Decision Support System in Watershed Management

Application of Automatic Control on MSIDD WM Lateral Canal

Measurements of Velocity and Discharge, Grand Canyon, Arizona, May 1994

Rainfall and Runoff for Southwestern Desert Watersheds: A Characterization

A Large Aquifer Storage Facility for the Phoenix Area

Management of Water Resources in North America III Anticipating the 21st Century, September 4-8, 1993, Tucson, Arizona: Canada-United States Boundary Waters Management Arrangements

Wetlands Treatment and Artificial Recharge of Colorado River Water in Avondale, Arizona





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