Development of Makeup Line Safe Operating Criteria

502-ft Diameter Laminated-Timber Dome Provides Fast, Low-Cost Cover for Arizona Stadium
Varex Dome, a 502-ft diameter engineering marveel of glue laminated timber, was built in record six months erection time. This dome shell structure forms both walls and roof for the new...

Trends in Arizona Cropland Irrigation

Strip Mining and Reclamation on the Black Mesa of Arizona

Multiple Use Effects of Manipulating Pinyon-Juniper

Predicting Spring Streamflow in Central Arizona

Managing Chaparral for Water and Other Resources in Arizona

The Temple Bikeway Study

Slant Drilled Lake Pump Station

Pollution Potential of a Sanitary Landfill near Tucson

Wellton-Mohawk Drainage and the Mexican Salt Problem

Development of Large Scale Drip Irrigation Systems

Interdisciplinary Approach to Geothermal Development

The Failure of Laguna Dam

Water for the Southwest
Historical Survey and Guide to Historic Sites
In this document, a brief narrative history of the effects of the people who lived in the area (prehistoric Indians, the Spanish, and the Anglo-Americans) to secure and maintain water...

Operation and Maintenance of an Irrigation District in an Urbanizing Environment

Changing the Consumptive Use on the Gila River Flood Plain, Southeastern Arizona

Development of Automation on the Salt River Project

Density Currents In Lake Mead

Characteristics of Heavy Rainfall in New Mexico and Arizona





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