Technical Aspects of Arizona Groundwater Law

Occurrence and Prediction of Earth-Fissure Hazards Caused by Ground-Water Depletion in South-Central Arizona, U.S.A.

Ground-Water Modeling, Alluvial Basins of Arizona

Aquifer Geology of Alluvial Basins of Arizona

Drip Irrigated Cotton: Economics and Water Savings
Groundwater withdrawals for cotton production in the arid Southwest account for about 15 percent of all groundwater withdrawals. In Arizona, cotton's proportion of groundwater...

Private Firm Tests Water in Arizona

Trace Elements in Ground Water in Southern Arizona

Arizona's Statewide Pavement Management System
A pavement management system developed for Arizon's 7400-mile network of highways has resulted in a savings of $14 million in its first year and a forecast savings of $101...

Arizona's Water Strategy: Bring More In and Restrict Its Use
Decades of pumping groundwater faster than the natural rate of replenishment have lowered Arizona's water table to record depths and caused land subsidence and fissures. The...

Groundwater Studies in New Mexico and Arizona

Weather Modification Potential for Arizona

Water Conveyance Facilities on the Central Arizona Project

The PMD Program—One State's View

Value Engineering and Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Wall Save Dam Project for Arizona Indian Tribe
Value engineering showed how it was possible to save $1 million in construction costs for the San Carlos River Dam, east of Phoenix, Ariz. The proposed dam site was moved to take advantage...

Miami Riot—Will a Phoenix Rise from Ashes—
In May, inner-city black residents of Miami, Florida, looted and burned about 300 buildings in their neighborhoods. The cause is detailed—their perception that the judicial system was...

The Arizona View of Groundwater

Central Arizona Project Operation Study

The Arizona Inspection/Maintenance Program

Analysis of Nonattainment Area Plan for TSP

Full-Depth, Full-Width Design, and Prestressed Concrete Pave the Way for Arizona's Highways
In an attempt to resolve design problems of Arizona's non-reinforced portland cement concrete pavements, a series of test installations are being made involving a comparison...





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