Long Term Performance of High Rise Mat Foundation
The vertical movement of the foundation soils for a multi-story high rise office tower was monitored during foundation excavation, tower construction and the 25-year in-service period...

Evaluation of Lakefilling in Ontario, Canada

Comparison of Coastal Resources Planning and Management in the ASEAN Countries

Experimental Study on the Movement of Turbid Water in Reclaiming

Hydraulic Model Studies on Effective Installation Method of Silt Protector Sheets for Large Depth of Working Site

Nonpoint Pollution Planning in Thurston Co., WA

Selling Water Quality Planning to Local Governments

Using Existing Local Policies and Ordinances to Protect Coastal Water Quality

The Public Trust as Property

Water Use Planning and Zoning: A Strategy of Local and State Cooperation in Managing Public Trust Uses in North Carolina's Estuarine Waters

Options in Urban Coastal Management: The Challenge of Valparaiso

Public Access: The Conservation Easement Option

Coastal Regulatory Reform in New Jersey

Land-Use Planning and Coastal Conservation in S.A.

Coastal Land Use Management—An Allocative Model

Shrimp Mariculture: A Viable Competitor for the Coastal Land Resources of the Southeastern USA

Coastal Resort Planning

Federal-State Revenue Sharing for Ocean Minerals Development: The Example of Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Section 8(G)

Engineering Assessment of Proposed Bolsa Bay Development

Modeling Fresh Water Inflow to an Estuary





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