Electrical Method of Predicting In Situ Stress State of Normally Consolidated Clays
The electrical method was used to characterize the electrical anisotropy, shape and cementation of fine grained soils. It was found that for normally consolidated soils there is a strong...

Ice Load Prediction with the Use of a Rate-Dependent Anisotropic Constitutive Law
Man-made structures built in arctic offshore areas are subject to ice loads. Traditional methods for estimating ice loads rely on an indentation factor from rigid-plasticity, an empirical...

On Cyclic Testing with Thin Long Hollow Cylinders
The hollow cylinder device has emerged in recent years as an important tool in the investigation of the dynamic behavior of soils. This paper reviews the stress conditions present in the...

Stress Induced Packing Anisotropy for Sand

Consolidation by Sand Drain in Anisotropic Ground
The author reduces Biot's equations of consolidation into a single governing equation with the excess pore water pressure as the only unknown function and derives the theory...

On Vibration of Anisotopic Laminated Beams

Constitutive Laws of Bimodular Cross-Anisotropic Materials

Boundary Element Method Applied to Anisotropic Half-Plane Problems

A Bounding Surface Plasticity Model for Anisotropic Clays

Evaluation of Limit Seismic Factor in Anisotropic Cohesion Slopes

A Viscoplastic Constitutive Model for Anisotropic Metals at High Temperatures

A Strength Criterion for Grade AGOT Graphite

B-Value Tests for Soil Specimens with Anisotropic Stress States

Experimental and Analytical Modeling of Stress Induced Anisotropy in Sand

Directional Shear Experiments and Stress Induced Anisotropy in Soil

Soil Mechanics Related to Permeability Anisotropy of Coastal Sand Deposits

Almansi's Theorems for Anisotropic Solids

Singularities at the Tip of a Crack Normal to the Interface of an Anisotropic Layered Composite

A Model for Yield of Bi-Phase Lamellar Eutectics

Membrane Theory for Layered Ellipsoidal Shells





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