Discrete Element Analysis of Clays

Anisotropic Damage by (Micro)Crack Growth and Associated 3D Localized Failure Mechanisms

Texture Development and Anisotropy in Plasticity

Anisotropic Viscoplastic Model at Large Deformations

Yield Criterion for Cross Anisotropic Clays

Anisotropy of Mechanical Properties of Tuff at Yucca Mountain

On the Evolution of Torsion Texture and Yield Loci in F.C.C. Polycrystals with the Taylor Model: A Comparative Study of Hardening Theories

Modelng of Strength Degradation Due to Pre-Loading Effects in Brittle Solids

Numerical Simulation for Determining Through-Thickness Material Properties of Anisotropic Plates

Analysis of Anisotropy in Sheet Forming Using Polycrystal Plasticity

Computational Issues Associated with Hyper-Anisotropic Media

Finite elements for limit analysis of homogenized block masonry walls

Continuum Damage Modelling with Crack Induced Anisotropy

Double Slip Polycrystal Plasticity and Complex Loading of OFHC Copper

Analysis of Flow Along Anisotropic Fractures in Partially Saturated Media

Investigation of an Anisotropic k-ε Model
In this paper the eddy viscosity hypothesis is abandoned and explicit expressions of Reynolds stress are deduced directly from the transport equations. Anisotropic k and ɜ equations are...

Infiltration into Thick Unsaturated Alluvial Deposits: A Preliminary Study
An infiltration and dye transport study in an unsaturated alluvial deposit was conducted using a square flooding type infiltrometer over a 50 hour period. Red and blue dyes were added...

Anisotropic Effects on Flow from a Recirculation Well
We examined flow in an unconfined aquifer near a recirculation well, which consists of a source and a sink of equal strength, with emphasis on understanding the effects of anisotropy....

Anisotropic Behavior of Cement-Grouted Sand

Experimental Investigation of Bending and Twisting Coupling in Thin-Walled Composite Beams
The behavior of a thin-walled ppen section composite material beam depends on the anisotropic mechanical properties of the panels that form the beam. A beam theory has been proposed for...





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