Rehabilitation of the South Tenth Street Bridge

Seismic Response of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings with Flexible Diaphragms

Laminated Composite Reinforcing for Concrete Structures

Anchorage of Non-Metallic Prestressing Tendons
Experimental confirmation tests were conducted to evaluate mechanical and epoxy socketed anchors for fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) prestressing tendons. The studies found that a parabolically...

Rehabbing Bridges Under Traffic
Four urban examples demonstrate how an owner's decision to keep it open during rehabilitation construction forces the designers to contend with an extra set of problems. Reanchoring...

Performance of Manufactured Housing in Louisiana During Hurricane Andrew

Survivability of Manufactured Housing in Hurricanes

The Manufactured Home Dilemma

Critique - Manufactured Housing Session

The Stabilization of Concrete Dams by Post-Tensioned Rock Anchorages: The State of American Practice
Permanent post-tensioned rock anchorages have been used for over twenty years in America to stabilize existing concrete dams and their appurtenant structures. This paper provides a state...

The Use of Post-Tensioned Anchorages on the Arch Portion of Stewart Mountain Dam, Arizona
Post-tensioned rock anchorages were selected by the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) to stabilize Stewart Mountain Dam against potential seismic loadings. The use of such anchorages...

Streambank Inventory and Protection Soldotna Reach, Kenai River, Alaska
This paper discusses bank conditions found along the Kenai River within the city of Soldotna in Alaska. River banks were inventoried in May 1990 by USDA Soil Conservation Service (SCS)...

A Study of the Water Environment Improvement about Fishing Villages
In recent years water pollution has become a serious problem in anchorage and other sea areas, as a result of residential waste water from hinterland fishing communities of fishing ports,...

Ground Anchorage Technology—A Forward Look

Tudor Road Rehabilitation, Anchorage, Alaska

Advancing Anchorage Technology
An overview of earth anchorage technology, with emphasis on current U.S. corrosion protection practice as compared to that used in Europe. Comments from U.S. practitioners involved in...

Cables and Anchorages
The following types of cables are generally used in cable stayed bridges: Parallel bars; Parallel seven wire strands; Parallel or semi-parallel wire cables; Locked coil strands and ropes;...

FRP-Tendons for the Post-tensioning of Concrete Structures

CFRP Cables for Large Structures

Fiberglass and Graphite Cables for Bridge Decks





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