Utilizing Geomorphic Analogs for Design of Natural Stream Channels

Simulation of Soil-Structure Interaction Effects in Shaking Table Tests

Small Hydro Automation - Two Case Studies

Utilizing Geomorphic Analogs for Design of Natural Stream Channels
Engineering guidelines for the design of stable rock armored channels are well established. However, few guidelines exist for designers involved with the reconstruction of channels with...

Numerical Analysis of a Proposed Percolation Experiment at The Peña Blanca Natural Analog Site

Archaeological and Industrial Analogues for Deep Repository Materials

Formation of Natural Analogues in Nuclear Waste Forms: A Geochemical Approach

Direct Burial of Industrial Plants by Mining

Using Natural Analogue Studies in the Secondary Science Curriculum

Terrestrial Analogs: Implications for Lunar Lava Tubes
Earlier work has demonstrated that lava tubes did form on the Moon. Comparison of terrestrial lava tubes to their lunar counterparts suggest that they are very similar despite the order...

Lunar Oxygen Production - A Maturing Technology
Research on oxygen production from lunar rock and soil has made significant progress in the past two years. An extensive series of experiments on natural and synthetic analogs has concentrated...

Immobilizing the Calcined High Level Waste in Glass and Crystalline Phases

Natural Analogues and Performance Assessment

Radiation Effects from Uranium Ore Bodies

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Seismic Design Licensing Case as an Analog to Alternative Repository Licensing Strategies

The Cigar Lake Analog Study: An Interational R&D Project

Use of An Analog Site Near Raymond, California, To Develop Equipment and Methods for Characterizing a Potential High-Level, Nuclear Waste Repository Site at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Small-Scale Behavior of Single Gravity-Driven Fingers in an Initially Dry Fracture
Experiments investigating the behavior of individual, gravity-driven fingers in an initially dry, rough-walled analog fracture are presented. Fingers were initiated from constant flow...

Wetting Front Instability in an Initially Wet Unsaturated Fracture
Experimental results exploring gravity-driven wetting front instability in a pre-wetted, rough-walled analog fracture are presented. Initial conditions considered include a uniform moisture...

Creative Engineering Design Using Analogy
Designs in different domains vary in structure, performance and in many other aspects. However, their design purposes can be achieved in a limited number of ways. In this paper, we classify...





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