Spectral Shapes and Amplifications for the Loma Prieta Earthquake of October 17, 1989
The 1971 San Fernando earthquake provided engineers and seismologists with the largest number of strong motion accelerograms ever recorded for an earthquake at that time. Those records...

Stabilization of Collapsible Alluvial Soil Using Dynamic Compaction
The effectiveness of dynamic compaction for improving collapsible soils was evaluated under field conditions using full scale load tests performed on 1.5 m square footings. Tests were...

Predicting Alluvial-Fan Sediment-Water Slurry Characteristics and Behavior from Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Past Deposits
Slurry characteristics can be predicted by a combination of field and laboratory analyses. Field observations are needed to determine deposit stratigraphy and to estimate the abundance...

Development of Fragility Curves for Liquefaction
The purpose of this study is to propose a methodology for evaluation of the degree of liquefaction potential and to demonstrate its applicability in constructing fragility curves for liquefaction...

Performance of Two Metal Grain Bins on Compressible Alluvium

Local Scour Downstream of a Tunnel Outlet Structure
The local scour downstream of two different types of outlet structures is studied in laboratory experiments with an alluvial sediment. The outlet structure terminates a hydraulic model...

Puget Sound Alluvium: A Challenge in Design of Pile Supported Port Facilities with Dredged Slopes
The geotechnical investigation, evaluations, and recommendations for the Port of Seattle Terminal 18/20 Improvement Project are described and compared with observed performance during...

Dewatering in Coralline and Alluvial Sediments

A Cut Off in Rock and Alluvium at Asprokremmos Dam

A New Grouting Material of Non-alkaline Silica Sol

Properties of Chemically Grouted Sand at Locks and Dam No. 26

Grouting Method by Using the Flash-Setting Grout

Changes to a Flood Plain Caused by Gold Dredging

Materials Availability Study of the Dickey-Lincoln Dam Site

Large Scale Laboratory Direct Shear Tests on Desert Alluvium

Mattmark — A Dam Founded on Alluvial and Morainic Deposits





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