Geotechnical Aspects of the Seoul Subway

Hidden Hazard: Liquefaction Assessment for a Buried Glacial Stream Valley

Dewatering for Interim Mitigation of Liquefaction Hazard at Bradbury Dam

Whole-Field Diagnostic in Flows with Suspended Sediment Using Particle Tracking Velocimetry

Effect of Horizontal Anisotropy on Head, Flow and Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Alluvial Regions

Sedimentological Facies Analysis of Alluvial, Highly-Concentrated-Flow Deposits

The PPI Superfund Site: Remedial Measures and Alternatives

Geotechnical Requirements for a Caisson Structure on 80m of Alluvial Soils and Sediments, Vancouver Deltaport

The Indirect Boundary Element Method for Dynamic Elasticity

Effects of Alluvial Depth on long-Term Infiltration at Yucca Mountain, NV

Integrated Management of Alluvial Ground Water

Effect of Ground-Water/Surface-Water Interactions on Nitrate Concentrations in Discharge from the South Platte River Alluvial Aquifer, Colorado

Impacts of Sand and Gravel Pits on Low Streamflows

Simulation of Interaction Between Ground Water in an Alluvial Aquifer and Surface Water in a Large Braided River

Assessment of Information on Ground-Water/Surface-Water Interactions in the Northern Midcontinent

Geohydrology and Water Quality of the North Platte River Alluvial Aquifer, Garden County, Western Nebraska

Verification of A 1-Dimensional Model for Predicting Shallow Infiltration at Yucca Mountain

U-234/U-238 Ratio: Qualitative Estimate of Groundwater Flow in Rocky Flats Monitoring Wells

Rate of Settlement of Silt Alluvium at Trojan
Settlements of 1.83 m have been observed at the switchyard of the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant over a 22-year period since 1970. Rockfill had been placed on the site, a flood plain of the...

The Influence of Fines Type and Content on Cyclic Strength





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