Army Corps to Widen, Deepen Channel in Port of Corpus Christi

Flood Channel Diversion Project to Benefit from Real-Time, Forecast-Based Controls

Improved Channel Reduces Flash Flooding Risk for Colorado Town

Mechanisms Controlling the Permeability of Clays
Coefficients of permeability, calculated using Terzaghi's theory of one-dimensional consolidation, are reported for smectite, illite, and kaolinite, in water, methyl and ethyl...

New Hub Airport Proposed for 'Notorious' Sandbank in English Channel

NewsBriefs: Microscopic Device Designed to Remediates Massive Oil Spills (Discovery Channel)

Los Angeles Resumes Dredging of Main Channel after Five-Year Hiatus

Construction Begins on Next Phase of Canton Lake Auxiliary Spillway Channel

Short Takes: Mongan Helps Choose History Channel's City of the Future

Advances in Watershed Management and Fluvial Hazard Mitigation Using Artificial Neural Networks and Remote Sensing
Watershed and channel management across spatial and temporal scales requires an informed, interdisciplinary approach by experts and stakeholders, who often have disparate goals and objectives....

Long-Delayed Dredging of Miami River Channel Draws to a Close

Short Takes: History Channel Contest Yields Rich Harvest of Inventions

Urban Renewal: Redeveloped Toronto Waterfront to Feature New River Channel

NewsBriefs: High-Speed Rail to Link London and Channel Tunnel (The Times)

Short Takes: History Channel Celebrates Inventors From Modern Marvels Contest

Short Takes: History Channel to Showcase Inventions from Modern Marvels Contest

People: Liu and Pate Recognized for Inventions in History Channel Contest

Coordinating Marine Reserves Management – From Process to Implementation in the Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary

The Santa Barbara Channel-Santa Maria Basin Circulation Study: A National Model for Applied Oceanographic Research and Monitoring

Channel Evolution During and After Dam Removal: Sediment Dynamics Post Dam Removal





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