Sources of Greatest Acidity in a Coal-Mined Watershed

Hydraulic Transients in Two Acid Transfer Lines

Fly Ash and Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

Effect of Alkalinity on Copper Corrosion

A Study of Alkalinity Leaching and Residual Strength of Alkaline Stabilized Sludge
The addition of sufficient amounts of quicklime or other alkaline earth oxides to dewatered sludge raises both the pH and temperature of the sludge, resulting in microbial inactivation....

Recovery of Chromium from Spent Plating Solutions by a Chromyl Chloride Process
A novel chromyl chloride process has been investigated for the recovery of hexavalent chromium from spent plating solutions. In this process chromium is converted to chromyl chloride by...

Integration of Multiple Advanced Analytical Techniques to Study Alkali Silica Reactivity in Concrete Railroad Ties

Tests for Biogenic Sulfuric Acid Corrosion in a Simulation Chamber Confirms the On Site Performance of Calcium Aluminate Based Concretes in Sewage Applications

Effect of Fly Ash and Silica Fume on Alkali Silica Reactions

Acidity and Chemistry of Arizona's Snowpacks
Acid snow, the frozen version of the acid rain phenomena, has been sampled in several western states, e.g., California, Nevada, Montana, and Oregon. Measurements of snowpack acidity in...

Storm Drainage Channel Rehabilitation
30 km (19 miles) of existing concrete lines storm drainage channels were studied due to repeated failures. Alternate failures causes were hypothesized and evaluated. Physical testing was...

Caustic Spray for Sewer Crown Corrosion Control
A novel method to control sewer crown corrosion which involves spray application of a caustic solution to the sewer crown is described. Corrosion control using this concept is based on...

Managing Alkali-Silicareactivity

Topographic Effects on Stormflow Acidity

Alkaline Sludge Stabilization Processes Offer Viable Sludge Management Options

Alkaline Sludge Stabilization: A Quick Fix and Long Term Sludge Management Option for Burlington, North Carolina

Alkali Activation of Class C Fly Ash

Environmental Monitoring Plan for a Pilot Study Using Phosphogypsum as a Roadbed Material

Engineering Properties and Potential Uses of By-Product Phosphygypsum

Passive Acoustic Emission for Quantitative Evaluation of Freeze Thaw and Alkali Aggregate Reaction in Concretes
Several experiments are reported in which the progression of freeze thaw (FT), alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR), and internal cracking caused by mechanical loading were monitored using...





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