Wastewater Treatment Facility Aeration Project

Performance of a Passively Refrigerated Gravel Pad Foundation in Fairbanks

Disposal of Drilling Wastes in Permafrost Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Municipal Solid Waste Characterization in a Cold Remote Region

Cold Weather Testing of Outdoor Gas-Fired Heaters

A Pilot-Scale Study of In Situ Hydrocarbon Remediation of Contamination in Soil and Groundwater at Fort Wainwright, Alaska

Performance of a Triodetic Foundation Near Fairbanks, Alaska

Innovative Bioventing System Construction/Operation in Cold Regions

Upheaval Buckling of a Pipeline in an Arctic Environment

Thermal and Vapor Performance of Insulated Assemblies

Addressing Transportation Conflicts at the Port of Anchorage Pursuant to the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) of 1991

Remediation of Crude-Oil-Contaminated Soils Beneath a Containment Liner

St. Paul Harbor, Alaska, Breakwater Study

Instrumented Buoy Network Response to Ocean Swell
The National Data Buoy Center has an extensive network of more than 20 moored buoys along the west coast of North America And in the Eastern North Pacific Ocean. The network ranges from...

A Comparison of Three Wave-Measuring Buoys
We compare the performance of three wave-measuring buoys: a Seatex WavescanTM, an Endeco/YSI WavetrackTM,...

Dredging in the Bering Sea St. George Island 1993-94 Harbor Dredging Project

Protecting a Pipeline
A 30-inch oil pipeline, presently under construction through mountainous terrain in central Colombia, transports petroleum from the Cusiana oil field to the coast. The discovery of the...

Analyzing Larval Fish Distributions Using Hydrodynamic and Transport Modelling
Port Moller is a major spawning ground for Pacific herring. Coincident with extensive larval sampling in the estuary, data required for simulating three-dimensional hydrodynamics and transport...

Water Pipelines: Tackling Toxics
In the spring of 1988, residents of Girwood, Alaska contacted the state's environmental agency to complain of foul-tasting drinking water. While most complaints came after...

Streambank Inventory and Protection Soldotna Reach, Kenai River, Alaska
This paper discusses bank conditions found along the Kenai River within the city of Soldotna in Alaska. River banks were inventoried in May 1990 by USDA Soil Conservation Service (SCS)...





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