Backcalculation of Flexible Pavement Moduli from Falling Weight Deflectometer Data using Artificial Neural Networks

The Combined Use of Belief-Functions and Adaptive Artificial Neural Networks in Pavement Management Systems Decision-Making

Segmentation Algorithm Using Iterative Clipping for Processing Noisy Pavement Images

Behavior of Construction and Demolition Debris in Base and Subbase Applications
The design performance of a pavement system is evaluated based on the predicted number of load repetitions it will be subjected to throughout its service life. Mechanistic pavement design...

Characterization of Pavement Materials and Soils Using Gyratory Shear Test

Subgrade and Base: Some Considerations in Seasonally Cold Regions

Blue Earth County Superpave Level I Project: CSAH 8 from TH 22 to TR 167

A Computer Tool for Predicting for Cooling of Asphalt Pavements

Software to Establish Seasonal Load Limits for Flexible Pavements

Measurement of Seasonal Variations in Subgrade Properties

Instrumentation of Reinforcement, Separation and Drainage Geosynthetic Test Sections Used in the Reconstruction of a Highway in Maine

Study Proves Smoothness Extends Pavement Life

The Feasibility of Alternative Hubbing in the Case of a Major Schedule Disturbance: A Case Study Using Austin as a Reliever-Hub for Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport

Airfield Design: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Modified Deflection Ratio Procedures for Backcalculation of Concrete Pavements

Reducing Existing Underground Utility Risks on Airport Improvement Projects: Subsurface Utility Engineering

The Role of Technology in the Decision Making Process of Airport Development

Pavement Tester Brings Lab Analysis to the Road

FDOT Bonded Ultra-Thin Concrete Overlay Research Project: New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport

Hahn Air-Industrial Park: A Case Study for Military Airfield Conversions





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